Young innovators showcase their creations at Coolest Projects

Over the last three months, Code Clubs across the world have been attending Coolest Projects, the world-leading tech showcase for young people that is organised by Raspberry Pi.

Coolest Projects across the world

Coolest Projects provides the perfect opportunity for young innovators to share their digital projects with one another and the public. This year, Coolest Projects events took place in Manchester; Orange County, California; and Dublin!

We caught up with three Code Clubs from across the world who participated, to find out about their projects and how they got on.

“It was like our Super Bowl!”

Makaylah (aged 16) and Roselyn (aged 12) travelled from Georgia to California to share projects they had created in their Code Club at Coolest Projects USA.

Makaylah and Roselyn with their project
Makaylah and Roselyn with their project

Makaylah had built an arcade game using a Raspberry Pi, and Roselynn had made a Raspberry Pi–powered smart mirror for checking the time, weather, news, and your appearance!

The highlight of our year with Code Club was being a part of Coolest Projects. It was like our Super Bowl — the amount of time and effort, along with the progress we made since beginning with Code Club was quite a feat…in fact, we are still recuperating but planning for our next adventures with Raspberry Pi.

– Makaylah and Roselyn

They were able to travel to California with their Code Club leader Yolanda from BHL Middle School, who is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator.

M.A.D About Litter leaves Scotland and heads to Manchester and Dublin

Bethan, Elsa, Jack, Tara (all aged 11), and Lily (aged 12) all attend Wormit Primary School Code Club in Fife, Scotland.

M.A.D. About Litter explaining their App to judge Maria Quevedo
M.A.D. About Litter explaining their App to judge Maria Quevedo

At Coolest Projects UK in Manchester, the group won the Mobile Apps category with their project  M.A.D. About Litter:

Plastic and other litter cause significant harm to our environment. Our app encourages everyone to make a difference, maps litter black spots, recycling points, and converts litter into points for rewards.

– App creators, Wormit Primary School Code Club

Community, technology and ideas

Ayan, George, and Tudor (all aged 10) attend the BF Code Club based in Cluj, their hometown in Romania.

Ayan, George and Tudor at Coolest Projects International
Ayan, George and Tudor at Coolest Projects International

These three creators jumped on a plane and joined Coolest Projects International in Dublin, entering into the Visual Programming category with their project PuFeLass, a quiz about the town of Cluj:

PuFeLass is a fun way to learn things about our hometown Cluj and then test your knowledge with a funny quiz. You can learn a little bit of history, geography and see some cool city landmarks.

– Quiz creators, BF Code Club

When we asked what they enjoyed most about attending Coolest Projects in Dublin, they said:

Showcasing our project to other kids from all over the world, getting to know them, and learning they have similar interests.

– Quiz creators, BF Code Club

Coolest Projects 2020 is on the horizon

Are you curious about Coolest Project 2020? This is what the PuLeFass team says about creating a project to showcase:

Don’t worry that your project isn’t perfect! It’s not about that! It’s about having fun with technology, learning new things, being part of such a great community, about feeling that anything is possible!

– Quiz creators, BF Code Club

The team from Wormit Primary School shared some inspiring advice too:

Don’t be afraid. It is OK to be a little nervous, but don’t let it stop you from doing something. We had to be brave to enter and come along to Coolest Projects, but we are super happy that we did!

– App creators, Wormit Primary School Code Club

Coolest Projects International
Coolest Projects International

Set up a Code Club today, try our projects, and inspire club members to join us at Coolest Projects 2020.

Keep coding over the summer

Is your Code Club taking a break over the summer? Are you looking for some extra coding activities for your children to participate in while they are not at school? Read on to find out how you and the young people of Code Club can keep coding throughout the summer months.

Robot Sandcastle UPDATE (1)

Coding events

There are many cool digital making events over the next few months for young coders to attend virtually or in person!


On 20 July, tens of thousands of young people from Sydney to Seoul will be attempting to break the world record for the most children coding within 24 hours.

DehC4H0W0AE5mIL (2)

Organised by Code Club Australia, the annual Moonhack event is open to anyone between the ages of 8 and 18. To participate, you need to complete a space-themed project and submit your finished work on the day of the event. Projects are available at, so you can start coding now!

You can also host your own Moonhackathon — the Moonhack team has created an awesome host pack with all the resources you need.

To register for this intergalactic challenge, head over to

Raspberry Fields

Raspberry Fields is a brand-new digital making festival organised by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The event will take place in Cambridge on 30 June and 1 July and is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to get creative with technology.


There will be talks, performances, giveaways, hands-on making activities, face-painting, robots, great food, and everything else a young digital maker could dream of. For a sneak peek at the exciting lineup of live acts, check out this blog post.

Tickets are only £5 — grab yours today at

Get coding at home

If you can’t join one of these events, we have a world of opportunities for you to keep coding at home! All the Code Club projects are free to access online, and they can all be completed using free online apps, so all you need is a computer with internet access.

Stretching Scratch

Become a master of Scratch over the summer by completing these projects:

goalie (1).gif

Try something new with Blender

Earlier this year, we introduced a set of Code Club projects for Blender, a free software program that allows you to design 3D models and animate them. Blender is a great tool for anyone interested in becoming a digital artist, architect, or designer.

Get creative by trying out these projects:

blender (1)

Still looking for more?

Finished all of our Scratch projects and looking for a new challenge? Then you can dive into our Python or HTML/CSS modules. Or if you have access to a Raspberry Pi or micro:bit, you can try your hand at physical computing. The possibilities are endless!