Five ways to inspire your club members about code!

Whether your Code Club is just launching or has been running for a while, here are five ways for you to get your Code Club members excited about coding

A young girl is sat in a classroom working at laptop. A female volunteer is looking at her laptop screen. Both are smiling!
A young Code Club member showing her code to a volunteer.

1. Make Scratch Cat say hi! 

Just starting out with new Code Club members? Christina from Code Club USA encourages you to begin with the basics:  

“We often forget that the simplest things can inspire folks — start with the basics! Show your Code Club members how to make Scratch Cat say hi, and then have them change what the cat is saying and encourage them to try and make the cat do a dance.”

– Christina Foust, Club Program Manager, Code Club USA

2. Be ready, inspiration is contagious!

Make sure you are the first one to be inspired: join us at a FREE online webinar and make sure you’re #CodeClubReady! Talk to our team from across the world, ask your questions, and find out what support we’ve got for you. 

An illustration with too robots, the Code Club logo and words, we are #CodeClubReady

3. Send your code to space

How cool would it be to have your own code run aboard the International Space Station? Your Code Club members can do just that with the European Astro Pi Challenge!  

The Astro Pi Challenge has launched with two missions.

  • Mission Zero: With the help of a step-by-step guide, your Code Club members write a very simple Python program that will run on the International Space Station and show a message for the astronauts there! This mission is a great introduction to Python for learners who want to move on from Scratch. 
  • Mission Space Lab: participants design and write a program for a real scientific experiment that has the chance to run aboard the International Space Station. This mission has four phases and runs over eight months. 
An illustrated image with the Astro Pi logo, two astronauts and the launch date details.

4. Encourage a show-and-tell 

Hold a show-and-tell session to celebrate you club members’ achievements! You can even invite your club members’ friends and family and teach them about coding by having the club members showcase what they’ve been creating and learning. If your Code Club is registered on our website, download certificates from your dashboard to hand out to your members at the end of the show-and-tell to make it really special. 

“A show-and-tell is a great place for your club members to share what they’ve learned and also talk about anything they found challenging. It leads to great discussions and encourages the other children to ask further questions.”

– Rohima Cooke, Code Club Regional Coordinator, South East 

An older ladies hands working on a laptop, drawing a person on the laptop screen.
A family member taking part in a show-and-tell session

5. Build your own game

Who doesn’t love to play games at home? Inspire your learners to create and code their own games. With our free step-by-step projects for Scratch, Python, and Blender, children can easily learn how to make games. You never know, you may have the next Tim Sweeney, game developer of Fortnite, in your group!

How do you get your Code Club members excited about coding? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyCodeClub.

Prosiectau Code Club nawr ar gael yn Gymraeg / Code Club resources are now available in Welsh

(English version below)

Ry’n ni’n falch i gyhoeddi fod prosiectau ac adnoddau Code Club nawr ar gael yn Gymraeg! Dyma’r tîm sy’n gyfrifol am y prosiect yn trafod pam fod cyfieithu ein prosiectau wedi bod mor bwysig.

Yng Ngorffennaf 2017, fe wnaeth Llywodraeth Cymru lansio strategaeth Cymraeg 2050 i gynyddu’r nifer o siaradwyr Cymraeg i 1 miliwn erbyn 2050. Fel rhan o hyn, fe wnaeth y llywodraeth lansio grant arloesi i gefnogi prosiectau sy’n cynyddu’r defnydd o Gymraeg trwy dechnoleg.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 09.22.10

Pan lansiwyd grant y llywodraeth, fe wnaeth ein Cydlynydd yng Nghymru, Adam Williams, gydweithio gyda Cered, Menter Iaith Ceredigion i ddatblygu prosiect peilot oedd yn galluogi ni i ddatblygu adnoddau cyfrwng Cymraeg, a hefyd i ddarparu hyfforddiant trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. Meddai Adam:

Pan ddechreuais weithio gyda Code Club, roedd hi’n nod i fi i wella ein darpariaeth Cymraeg. Fe wnaethon ni wrando ar yr adborth gan ein cymuned o addysgwyr a gwirfoddolwyr, oedd yn aml wedi canolbwyntio ar y pwysigrwydd o gael adnoddau a phrosiectau ar gael yn eu mamiaith. Fel Cymro, rydw i’n ymwybodol iawn pa mor bwysig yw hi i’r gymuned bod mynediad i adnoddau Code Club yn Gymraeg.

Adnoddau Cymraeg

Mae gennym ni 21 o brosiectau Code Club wedi eu cyfieithu, yn cynnwys Scratch, HTML & CSS a Python. Mae hefyd gennym ni fersiynau Cymraeg o adnoddau sydd yn cynnwys tystysgrifau, posteri a ffurflenni caniatâd – popeth sydd angen arnoch chi i redeg Clwb Codio yn Gymraeg. Mae modd dod o’r hyd i’r adnoddau trwy fewngofnodi a chlicio “Lawrlwythwch dystysgrifau a phosteri yn Gymraeg”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 09.35.22

Hyfforddiant Cymraeg

Fel rhan i’n gwaith gyda Cered, fe wnaethon ni hefyd drefnu pump o sesiynau ‘hyfforddi’r hyfforddwr’ yn gyfan gwbl Gymraeg. Rydyn ni’n falch i fod wedi hyfforddi 25 o athrawon a gwirfoddolwyr brwdfrydig. Roedd pob un wnaeth ddod i’r sesiynau eisiau cychwyn eu clwb eu hunan, ac nawr mae’r adnoddau yno i wneud hynny!

Cyflwynwyd y sesiynau gan Lowri Johnston, wnaeth hefyd gyfieithu’r prosiectau ac adnoddau i Code Club. Meddai:

Dwi’n byw yng Nghaerfyrddin lle mae dros 50% o’r boblogaeth yn siarad Cymraeg. Mae addysg Gymraeg yn bwysig iawn yma, ac felly mae hefyd yn bwysig bod y plant yn medru dysgu sgiliau cyfrifiadurol trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.

Mae’r prosiect wedi bod yn un gwych, a dwi’n falch bod adnoddau ar gael nawr ar gyfer addysgwyr Cymraeg. Dwi’n gobeithio mai hwn yw’r dechrau i gael llawer mwy ar gael yn Gymraeg!


Meddai Llinos Hallgarth o Cered:

Mae wedi bod yn bleser i ni fel Cered i fod ynghlwm â’r prosiect yma ar y cyd â Code Club, ac i ddatblygu’r adnoddau sydd ar gael i ddysgu codio trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg i blant. Yn ystod y sesiynau hyfforddi, rydym wedi cael cyswllt gyda athrawon a gwirfoddolwyr ar draws Ceredigion a’r de orllewin sydd eisiau cychwyn clybiau codio yn eu hardal, ac mae’n wych ein bod ni wedi paratoi’r adnoddau trwy’r prosiect yma fel eu bod yn gallu mynd ati i wneud hynny.

Roedd paratoi’r prosiectau yn Gymraeg yn broses o gydweithio llwyddiannus, ac hoffwn ddiolch i Cered, a wnaeth y gwaith yma’n bosib. Rydym yn gobeithio y bydd hyn yn annog mwy o blant yng Nghymru i godio!

Os oes ganddo’ch chi unrhyw adborth byddwn wrth ein bodd yn clywed wrthoch chi. Mae modd i chi roi adborth trwy lenwi’r ffurflen hon.



We are excited to announce that a number of the Code Club projects and resources are now available in Welsh! Here the team behind the project talks about why translating our resources is so important.

In July 2017, the Welsh government launched the Cymraeg 2050 strategy to grow the number of Welsh speakers to 1 million by 2050. As part of this, the government launched an innovation grant to support projects that increase the use of Welsh through technology.

When the government’s grant was launched, our coordinator for Wales, Adam Williams, collaborated with an organisation called Menter Iaith Cered to develop a pilot project that would not only enable us to create Welsh-language resources, but also to provide educators access to Code Club training in Welsh. Adam says:

When I came to work at Code Club, I made it my goal to improve our Welsh language provisions. We listened to feedback from our community of educators and volunteers, who often talk about the importance of having the resources and projects available in their mother tongue. As a Welsh person, I fully understand how important it is for our community in Wales to be able to access the Code Club resources in Welsh.

Translated resources

You can now access our Scratch Module 1 and Module 2 in Welsh; translations for Python and HTML/CSS will follow shortly. On top of that, there are some Welsh certificates and posters available on your Club Hub — just look for the link that says ‘Lawrlwythwch dystysgrifau a phosteri yn Gymraeg’.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 09.37.02

Welsh training sessions

As part of our work with Menter Iaith Cered, we also arranged five ‘Train the trainer’ sessions entirely in Welsh. We were really pleased to be able to train 25 enthusiastic teachers and potential volunteers. Everyone who attended left the sessions wanting to start their own club, and now the resources are available for them to do exactly that!

The training sessions were co-delivered by the amazing Lowri Johnston, who also translated the Code Club projects and resources for us. She told us:

I live in Carmarthen in South West Wales, where over 50% of the population speak Welsh. Most of the primary schools in the area are Welsh-language, so it’s important that they are able to learn computer skills in Welsh.

The whole project has felt really rewarding, and I’m so pleased there are now resources available for Welsh-speaking educators. I hope that this is just the beginning!

Llinos Hallgarth from Cered saysof the project:

It’s been a pleasure for us at Cered to be part of this project with Code Club, and to develop the resources that are available for children to learn to code in Welsh. During the training sessions, we’ve had contact with teachers and volunteers across Ceredigion and south-west Wales who want to start Code Clubs in their area, and it’s great that the resources are now available to do that in Welsh.

Translating our projects was a truly collaborative process, and we would like to thank Cered for making this project possible. We hope these resources will encourage more children in Wales to get coding!

If you have any feedback on our translations, we would love to hear from you! You can tell us what you think by filling in this form.

Try out our brand-new Blender projects

Are you looking for a different kind of project to get stuck in to with your Code Club? You are? Then we have just the thing!

We’ve created a set of new Blender projects to introduce your club members to the world of 3D design.


What is Blender?

Blender is a free software programme which allows you to design 3D models and animate them. It is similar to the software that games designers use to create virtual 3D worlds and characters for computer games.

How can my club access the Blender software?

You can download Blender for free at In case you’d like to know more about Blender, there are some great tutorials and information on their website as well.

What can we create?

We’ve put together a series of eight projects using Blender, suitable for more advanced coders or secondary school clubs. No prior knowledge or experience with Blender is needed, and the projects gradually increase in difficulty as your club members progress through the series.


Party monkey

Add and move objects to create a party hat for the Blender monkey with our Party monkey resource.

Tree of cubes

Express your inner Minecraft builder by resizing and manipulating objects to create a 3D tree design.

Build and colour a snowman

Do you want to learn how build and add colour to a virtual snowman?

Block house

Whose house? Your house! Experiment with editing and extruding objects to create a 3D house.


Lift-off! Create and colour a rocket model. In this project, more advanced users are also challenged to make an electric car model and send it into space.

Animate and render a snowy movie

Get started with animations using a wintery scene — perfect for the current UK climate! Render your snowy movie using Blender, and get ready to accept your Oscar for best special effects.

Share with us

Enjoy learning! We can’t wait to see what your club members create, so why not share your projects with us on Twitter @CodeClub, or over on Facebook?