If you start in London and walk 6,073 miles east, where does it take you? The answer, Delhi!

In January, members from the Code Club UK and Ireland team set themselves the challenge to walk the distance from London to Delhi to virtually meet Code Club India colleagues, Vasu and Divya. 

We have reached the halfway point, and it’s time to celebrate the amazing clubs we’ve caught up with along the way! 

The team on their walks
The virtual walking route!

First stop, London: Over half of the London Underground runs above ground 

Olivia is a Code Club leader at Peckham Library, and we asked her to share a highlight from the past year: 

“This term, we have started to experiment with allowing some of the students to teach a session. It has been incredible to see the students, who are only 10 to 12 years old, take on ownership of the class, lead the session, and take questions from their peers.”

Theo, a member from the club also registered his project Bookwriggle, a book recommendation website, in this year’s Coolest Projects showcase, and it was selected as a judge’s favourite! Go, Theo! 

Bookwiggle website designed by Theo

Second stop, Graz: The Austrian national flag is one of the oldest in the world

Whilst virtually walking through Graz, in Austria, we caught up with Günter Nimmerfall, who runs a Code Club at MS Schulzentrum Hall. 

Gunter shares why Code Club suits his school: 

“We are a secondary school with two focuses: languages (Italian) and STEM education. Code Club is perfect; it gives learners the chance to experience coding and creating (3D printing, 3D modelling).We love to show our learners how to code games.

It’s very nice to code some retro games like Flappy bird or racing games like the Boat race, which can be done at the learner’s pace.”

Third stop, Tuzla: The heart-shaped land of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two boys, both named Haris, attend Code Clubs in the city of Tuzla, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the country is nicknamed the ‘Heart-Shaped Land’, we asked them to share why they love Code Club! 

“I love Code Club because we all have the superpower to create and shape the present, and change the future. In our Code Club, not only do we learn how to code, but we also learn to think and cooperate with our fellow students.

Each one of us has certain talents and knowledge that we can use, and together as a team we reach solutions.”

Haris, from Mejdan school in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“I love Code Club because I love to code and I love challenges, and each new project is a challenge for me. I love to work on projects since then my creativity, maths, and IT skills develop.

Coding gives me opportunities to make life easier through technology for every person.”

Haris, from OŠ “Kreka” school in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fourth stop, Bulgaria: One of the oldest European countries, established in 681 AD

Alexander, Anton, and Victor are seventh graders who attend Code Club Bulgaria; they entered this year’s Coolest Projects showcase with their creation ASTEROIDS SE (ARCADE)

They were inspired by the arcade game Asteroids, which they said was “one of the most amazing video games in the early history of video games”. They created their remake in Scratch with a new design and functions — in their game, you can gain extra firepower by achieving different targets! 


Josh Hellier, Global Community Coordinator, had a go at the game:

It was so much fun. They’ve done an amazing job of recreating this classic 1979 game! It’s clear they worked brilliantly as a team and supported each other in learning new skills to realise their vision. Well done! 

Celebrate your achievements with the Code Club team by sharing them on Twitter at Code Club UK or Code Club World using the hashtag #MyCodeClub! 

Code Club India has a new home!

Code Club India is moving to a brand-new website! The Code Club community has grown over the last three years and our old site just couldn’t keep up. 

Vasu, Programme Coordinator for Code Club India, talks through the new site and its exciting features!  

With this new site, you will be able to easily find information you need, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The site has a fresh new look and is mobile friendly, so you can check-in while you’re on the go! 

We are changing the web address and your accounts to codeclub.org where you can access all our resources. Log in today using your old login details and start exploring the new home for Code Club India!

What are the new features?

The new Code Club India website hosts lots of features to support your role as a Code Club leader or volunteer. Here’s what to expect:

Features for club leaders

  • A dedicated page for your club 
  • A new and improved dashboard
  • Club resources and support are in one place
  • Easy access to manage and update your club details

Features for volunteers

  • An improved search function to help you find clubs to volunteer at
  • A ‘new club’ alert to notify you when new clubs sign up in your area that need your help

Krunal Koshti, a Code Club leader,  shared how he has got on with the new site: 

The new platform allows me to view and manage all the volunteers that are associated with my club easily. I have multiple clubs and on the new dashboard I can access the details for all my clubs, which was not possible before! I am sure that the features on the new website will be useful for many club leaders.

Supporting you

We are always striving to improve how we support Code Club India leaders and volunteers with running their clubs. It’s a really exciting time for the community and this new website will help us grow and support us with our mission to put a Code Club in every community! 

I caught up with Divya Joseph, Programme Manager for Code Club India, to find out her personal favourite feature of the website and what our new home will mean to Code Club India:  

There are lots of exciting features on the new platform on codeclub.org. My personal favourite is the feature that allows clubs to be visible so volunteers and clubs can connect with each other. We are hopeful that these new changes will help build a robust Code Club community in India in the coming years!

We hope you enjoy this new site! If you have any questions or need help logging in, please get in touch at india@raspberrypi.org.