Volunteer Stories

Today we are launching an exciting video project for our volunteers to participate in!

We want you to submit a short video (1 or 2 minutes would be great) telling us all about your experiences as a Code Club volunteer so far. We hope that by you telling the world about the awesome things you are doing, more people will be inspired to give some of their time to run a Code Club.

In the video you should:

  1. Say your name and job title
  2. Explain what inspired you to volunteer
  3. Describe your experiences setting up the club
  4. Discuss what it’s like teaching 9-11 year olds
  5. Tell us the best parts about running a Code Club
  6. Say anything else that comes to mind!

You don’t need a fancy camera; a phone or web cam will do! It would be great if you could upload the videos straight to YouTube and send us a link so our inbox doesn’t overflow. We’ll then edit them all together using our mad skills to make a short film. Deadline for submissions is Monday 27th May so best get going! If you need any help or want to ask any questions then email sam@codeclub.org.uk

ALL the Code Clubs, ALL the time, EVERYWHERE!

We’re really excited to announce that Code Club can be run anywhere in the UK! We got a whole bunch of emails from people who can’t take time out of work because they are too busy or their bosses are too grumpy. So we’ve been chatting with the lawyer and we’ve worked out a way to have Code Clubs run at venues outside of primary schools.

So now you can run a club at your local library, community centre, museum etc on the weekend or when ever you like! All you need are children, computers, and a supervisor from the venue to manage the children. We’ve built a parental disclaimer system which means you can have parents sign online, no paperwork required.

We also had a LOT of secondary schools wanting to join and hold Code Clubs. And now that’s cool too! As long as you understand our projects have been written for (and will continue to be aimed at) children aged 9-11 then we’re gravy!

And to everyone who asks about the rest of the world… watch this space very carefully in about a month’s time. That’s all we’re saying ;)



National Stem Centre group chatathon!

Code Club now has a group open on the National Stem Centre website! As well our regional Google Groups, our Stem Centre group allows fellow Code Clubbers to connect with each other all over the country.

Code Club thrives on community.  Whether you are running a Code Club yourself, thinking of setting one up yourself or are just interested in following what we’re up to, we want you to be able to connect with Code Clubbers over the country!

Share experiences, stories, ask questions, give tips… whatever you feel! Stay up-to-date on all the latest news and events and meet ups happening over the UK. Thinking of starting your own Code Club? Then why not ask current volunteers about their experiences?

You don’t have to be a STEMNET ambassador to join in – simply sign up here and get involved!

See you in there!