Celebrating ‘World Hello Day’ through code! 

To mark World Hello Day on Monday 21 November, we gave Code Clubs in the UK, Ireland, Croatia, Ghana and Portugal the exciting opportunity to connect through code and say “Hello” to each other. 

Using the Scratch project From me to you’, young coders followed a design brief to code a digital card that says “Hello!”. We encouraged learners to be as creative as they liked when deciding on their card design and message. 

Our Scratch studio now has over 60 unique ‘From me to you’ cards, all showcasing young creator’s imaginative ideas through code. Every club that participated has received a card from another club.  

Here are some of the cards that made us smile: 

“‘Agoo from Ghana’! I really enjoyed learning how to say ‘Hello’ in Ghanian. This simple project, with a catchy soundtrack is the perfect contribution to celebrate World Hello Day!” 

Ellie, Global Partnership Manager

This animation is the ultimate surprise party. Scratch Cat is chilling out and then receives the biggest birthday greeting from Croatia. I loved it!”

Tamasin, Head of Code Club 

“I really loved the creativity around the painted sprites!”

Liz, Learning Manager

“Saying ‘Hello!’ while dodging clouds, a fab little game from a Code Club in Wigan, England.”

Chris, Clubs Process and Support Coordinator 

“For the rest of the day, I was singing ‘Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you!’. This very humorous card made my day!”

Zoe, Programme Coordinator

Supporting creativity in your Code Club 

Inspiring creativity not only helps young people develop their cognitive skills, it also stimulates their imagination and gives them a space for self-expression. 

In 2023, Coolest Projects, the world’s leading technology showcase, is back! This event provides the perfect opportunity for young creators to explore their creativity even further. 

We’d love to see submissions from creators with all experience levels. Our 3…2…1…Make! projects are the ideal starting points for any of your club members to create something that they are proud of, and participate in this global event. 

Learn how your Code Club can take part in Coolest Projects 2023 and share their projects with the world!