Dare to DREAM with code for Black History Month

February is a month-long celebration of Black history for our friends in the US. We’re celebrating by thinking about what it means to dare to dream, just like the many freedom fighters who came before us. We’re also sharing how we can use code to bring about change in our communities.

Black History Month is an occasion to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of Black Americans through time. At Code Club, we want to shine a light on Dr. Mae Jemison, who was the first Black woman to go into space in 1992, and mathematician Katherine Johnson, one of the first Black women to work for NASA in the 1950s. 

We’ve also been thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s inspiring I Have a Dream speech that he delivered in 1963. Dr. King dreamed of a world where young people, no matter the colour of their skin, could live together in peace. And look at us now: we’re a global community of Code Clubs who code together all the time! 

Code your dreams

To celebrate this amazing month, we’re daring to DREAM about a project we want to create with code. No matter how big or small it is, we’re using this month to make it happen!

Anything is possible when you follow your dreams, so you’re free to pursue any project that you can imagine. Or you could use this project card to choose a project that celebrates the dreams of inspirational Black figures.

Download the project card

If you’re based in the UK, the USA, India, or Ireland, visit your dashboard to download this project card. If you’re based outside of these countries, visit our Code Club International website and find the project card inside your Club Organiser Pack.

Start a conversation in your club

Need some help? Review these questions to help you get started: 

Is there an activity you want to Do?

Is there a new goal you want to Reach? 

Is there something that you’re Excited about in 2022?

Is there a social issue you want to bring Awareness to?

Is there a project you want to Make (maybe even for Coolest Projects Global 2022)? 

We would love to see what dreams you bring to life this month. Please show us your creations using the hashtag #MyCodeClub on Twitter