Coding through science — how Code Club India is supporting young coders

The team at Code Club India are always working on new ways to make coding accessible and relevant for students and educators in India. 

Vasu shares how Code Club is helping to enrich the New Education Policy with their new ‘Learn coding through science’ resource, which was designed to support cross-curricular links for educators and students. 

New Education Policy 

After 34 years, the Ministry of Education in India has introduced the New Education Policy (NEP), which aims to break from traditional teaching approaches to provide a comprehensive programme of learning for students across India. 

The NEP will set up classes on coding for students from Grade 6 onwards, allowing students to develop their coding skills and learn about advanced technologies.

Vasu, Club Programme Coordinator, said:

“We are excited that this development will provide students across India with greater flexibility in their learning, as well as the opportunity to develop their skills for the future. So we asked ourselves — how could Code Club best support the NEP?”

Linking coding to the curriculum

At Code Club, we work with schools across India to support young people to learn to code. To help our club leaders and students, we created a resource that links the topics in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) science curriculum to projects in different programming languages like Scratch, HTML, Python, and more.

You can use these resources in a variety of ways. For example, if you are an educator who would like to know if there is a coding project that is directly relevant to your student’s schoolwork, this is a great resource to try in your classroom. Or if you are a student who is interested in exploring both science and computer science, this resource is perfect for you! Use this resource to experiment and explore computer science while following the instructions on the projects. You can also make it more exciting by trying the projects at different levels!

The resource has been shared with our existing Code Club community members, who were asked for their feedback. From the responses we’ve received, it’s clear that the community has been wanting a resource like this and that it has helped them to explore cross-curricular links further. 

How you can help

If you run a Code Club in India, try our ‘Learning coding through science’ resource with one of our  FREE coding projects and share how you got on in our feedback form. Your feedback is key to help us improve and offer the resources you need.  

Want to find out more about Code Club in India? Contact Divya and Vasu, who are always happy to chat to you about the Code Club community in India.