Five things we want to share about Scratch!

At Code Club, we love Scratch, and so we’ve put together a list for you with helpful tips, projects we like, and an exciting Scratch opportunity.

1.Choose your club’s next Scratch project today!

Take a look at our specially designed Scratch projects, which include step-by-step instructions showing you how to create games, animations, and much more with code.

Try out some projects and start choosing which ones you’d like to do with your Code Club members in the new term.

A girl and boy looking at a computer screen which shows the the Scratch programme and a project they are working on.
Two students working on their Scratch project

2. Adam loves Ghostbusters! 

Adam the Code Club Regional Coordinator for Wales favourite Code Club Scratch project is Ghostbusters:

“This is a project that just keeps on giving: it’s great fun to remix and build upon by adding new features learned from other projects. You can make it a two-player game, and add more difficult levels, easter eggs, and bonus challenges too!”

– Adam Williams, Code Club Regional Coordinator for Wales

3. Aim high 

Be inspired by this Scratch project created by three young coders from Cheam Code Club. who entered the Open Schools Coding Competition, coordinated by Red Hat. The three girls won third place! 

These girls started with the basics, and while attending their school’s Code Club, they have built competition-winning skills. We were so impressed by their project and the illustrations they designed in Scratch that we just had to share it with you!

Screen shot of the Scratch project. The screenshot shows an illustration of a young girl with a text box with the words, hello everyone.
Digital Hope

4. Celebrate success

Recognise your Code Club members’ Scratch achievements! Your club profile houses beautiful Scratch module certificates just waiting for you to download them and award them to your proud young coders. You could even share a photo of the celebration with us on Twitter so we can cheer your club members as well. 

5. Join us at Scratch Conference Europe

Are you an educator working in a school or a volunteer supporting a Code Club and you want to know more about Scratch? Then don’t miss out on Scratch Conference Europe, coming to the UK for the very first time this August!

The conference schedule is packed with:

  • Talks from world-class computing educators, including Scratch co-creator Mitch Resnick
  • Hands-on, in-depth workshops to develop your Scratch knowledge
  • Loads of opportunities for you to network with fellow educators and volunteers 

Book your ticket and join us at Scratch Conference Europe in Cambridge, UK, from Friday 23 August to Sunday 25 August 2019. Accommodation is available on-site at Churchill College; read the FAQs for more info. Scratch Conference Europe is kindly sponsored by EPAM

To set up a Code Club in the new academic year and get your learners to start with Scratch or grow their Scratch skills, head to our website and find out how easy it is.