Try out our brand-new Blender projects

Are you looking for a different kind of project to get stuck in to with your Code Club? You are? Then we have just the thing!

We’ve created a set of new Blender projects to introduce your club members to the world of 3D design.


What is Blender?

Blender is a free software programme which allows you to design 3D models and animate them. It is similar to the software that games designers use to create virtual 3D worlds and characters for computer games.

How can my club access the Blender software?

You can download Blender for free at In case you’d like to know more about Blender, there are some great tutorials and information on their website as well.

What can we create?

We’ve put together a series of eight projects using Blender, suitable for more advanced coders or secondary school clubs. No prior knowledge or experience with Blender is needed, and the projects gradually increase in difficulty as your club members progress through the series.


Party monkey

Add and move objects to create a party hat for the Blender monkey with our Party monkey resource.

Tree of cubes

Express your inner Minecraft builder by resizing and manipulating objects to create a 3D tree design.

Build and colour a snowman

Do you want to learn how build and add colour to a virtual snowman?

Block house

Whose house? Your house! Experiment with editing and extruding objects to create a 3D house.


Lift-off! Create and colour a rocket model. In this project, more advanced users are also challenged to make an electric car model and send it into space.

Animate and render a snowy movie

Get started with animations using a wintery scene — perfect for the current UK climate! Render your snowy movie using Blender, and get ready to accept your Oscar for best special effects.

Share with us

Enjoy learning! We can’t wait to see what your club members create, so why not share your projects with us on Twitter @CodeClub, or over on Facebook?