Meet the 2018 Code Club Champions

We’re very proud to be introducing our Code Club Champions for 2018!

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What is a Code Club Champion?

Our Champions are a small group of volunteers from across the UK who we’ve invited to get involved in some extra activities to help us develop and grow Code Club.

“It’s a blast being a Champion. I’m always happy to share my experiences, enthusiasm, and the benefits of volunteering for the children and myself with others.”
– Bob Bilsland, Code Club Champion

Who are the 2018 Champions?

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What do Code Club Champions do?

For one year, Champions will get involved in various activities to help us improve the services and support we offer.

Trying out new projects and giving feedback

We’re always working to create new projects, such as the Scratch 3 and Sonic Pi projects we released last year. Our Champions will help us to test the projects in order to ensure they are easy to follow and bug-free.

Testing new content such as online courses

At the end of 2017, we released our first free online course, Prepare to Run a Code Club, with FutureLearn, and we will continue to curate more content over the coming year. Code Club Champions will be some of the first to work through the courses before they’re released to our community of Code Club volunteers.

Contributing to blogs and magazine articles

Code Club Champions will be contributing to this blog and the Code Club Twitter Chats, and you may even see them making an appearance in The MagPi magazine and Hello World.

You may also see them at your local meetup, so make sure to say hi!

Be a Champion in 2019

Our 2018 Champions caught our attention through their tireless dedication to the Code Club community, attending meetups, offering advice, being active on Twitter, and providing us with content for our blog. If you’d like to be considered as a Code Club Champion for 2019 and help us support our community, have a word with your Regional Coordinator to see how you can become involved.