Celebrate the Olympics this summer with our new Scratch Projects

This summer was all about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and to celebrate, we have created a selection of awesome new Scratch projects!

We’ve released three new sporty projects over on our projects site. The first of these is Synchronised Swimming, where you’ll learn how to code a synchronised swimming routine for Scratch the cat, by using loops and creating clones. This project will be available on our site for all users to access until the end of October 2016.

syncronised swimming

There’s also an Archery project, where you must overcome an archer’s shaky arm to shoot arrows as close to the bullseye as you can, and Sprint!, which uses a 3D perspective to make the player feel as though they’re running towards a finish line. This project can even be coded to work with a homemade running mat! These two projects are only available to registered Code Clubs, and require an ID and PIN to access.

Over on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website, there are also two more Scratch Olympic-themed resources available, the Olympic Weightlifter and Olympics Hurdles projects.

Try your hand at these great resources, which we hope will help keep Code Clubbers busy over the summer!

Please do get in touch to tell us what you think of the projects… We would love to find out how you got on!