Deep Mind inspires new generation of Code Clubs with AlphaGo donation

In March this year AlphaGo (an Artificial Intelligence computer designed by Google DeepMind) started a 5 match test against one of the world’s best Go players, Lee Se Dal, to win a prize of $1million. Go is a very complex game to play  – there are more possible position combinations than there are atoms in the world! AlphaGo was designed to test the limits of AI and see if the computer could learn from its human competitor.

AlphaGo’s victory in this competition (winning 4 out of 5 games) has been an incredibly inspiring achievement. For children at Code Club, it shows what can be achieved when you build up computing skills, and combine with a lot of hard work and passion.

Code Club is thrilled that Google have donated $100,000 from their AlphaGo prize money to help grow our network of clubs here in the UK and around the world via our international expansion programmewhich has already seen over 5000 Code Clubs started around the world.

Code Club supports volunteers who run after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. We create world class projects that teach children how to code whilst making games, websites and animations.

We are very grateful to the DeepMind team for choosing to nurture new talent with a donation that will help us inspire even more children to make things with computers.