Code Club Champions

We think all our Code Club volunteers are amazing for giving their time to help children learn to code. We noticed that some volunteers in our community have been doing lots of things to support us, in addition to volunteering at a club. For example, they had been spreading the word about Code Club at their workplaces and at local events, championing Code Club and encouraging more people to join the Code Club volunteer community.

We thought it would be good to recognise these “Code Club Champions” for their extra contributions. So we chatted to a few of them, and they agreed to take part in a pilot scheme. The aim of this scheme is not only to recognise these volunteers’ additional contributions, but also to understand how we can better support them.

The pilot was launched a few weeks ago and will run until August 2016. From now on, you may spot Code Club Champions at events around the country. They’ll be also doing things like giving advice on our forums and contributing to our blog and generally helping us spread the good word about Code Club even further!

We’re very happy to introduce our ‘pioneer’ Code Club Champions taking part in the pilot:

Steve Manson, Mia Chapman, David Gibson, Lydia Quinn, Jasjit Atwal, Sean Price, Jon Rogers, Bob Bilsland, Nathan Fuller, Marc Grossman, Brent Woods, Sebastian Marek, John Brannan, Vivian Richards, Alex Clewett, Clare Dodd

We’re starting the scheme small to try it out and get lots of feedback. We’ll be able to offer an update on where we go next in September.

Any questions? Sarah Sheerman-Chase, our Participation Manager is looking after the scheme and you can drop her a line at