Code Club is hiring!

We are looking for a dedicated and energetic Regional Coordinator for the South East to join the Code Club team. For some insight into what this role has to offer, Tim Wilson, Regional Coordinator for the West Midlands and coffee aficionado, gives you the lowdown on a typical day’s work.

My Tuesday was like every other day, in that it was very untypical! One of the greatest things about the role of Regional Coordinator is that no two days are the same.

Tea and BiscuitI started my day in a coffee shop (for me, this is not unusual!) by looking at my daily tasks and setting up tweets to promote upcoming Code Club activities. Then I headed to my inbox to see what I needed to follow up on, and responded to emails I’d received overnight.

I then drank some coffee.

During the morning, I spent a little time reviewing the previous day when I’d been at Oxford Brookes University delivering a day of workshops to PGCE students — all potential Code Club volunteers about to head off on placements at primary schools in Oxfordshire and beyond. I went through some of the specific discussions I’d had with people and sent a personalised follow-up email to all attendees.

Next, I set up an event on Eventbrite for an upcoming Code Club meetup in April at the University of Wolverhampton, an institution that has been very supportive in promoting Code Club to their staff and students.

Then I had more coffee and talked to some of my remote colleagues on Slack about an upcoming meeting at Code Club HQ in London.

EmailBefore lunch, I responded to more enquiries from potential volunteers and partner organisations and contacted a number of Code Clubs that were not yet active to help them set up. Afterwards I did some prep for a careers event at Solihull College as well as for helping our teacher training team with fulfilling training courses at schools in the Birmingham area.

Then I had more coffee. And also some lunch.

In the afternoon, I packed a bag with events materials and went to deliver a Code Club training course for a major software publishing company in Birmingham. This company has sponsored Code Club by investing in their staff becoming volunteers and running Code Clubs across the city.

Much more coffee was consumed.

Finally, I returned home and finished the day by responding to more emails and tweets before starting on my monthly Regional Newsletter, which goes out to all club volunteers and hosts across the region.

Are you based in the South East of England? Has Tim’s caffeine-fuelled day piqued your interest about working for Code Club? Find out more about the role we’re offering here on Workable.