Some updates for Yorkshire & the NE

We’ve got some changes happening to our Yorkshire, Humber and North East region. Our lovely Regional Coordinator Linda Broughton, who has been with us since 2014, is moving on to new opportunities. Linda has built up an amazing network of clubs across the region and has provided support and encouragement for so many of our volunteers.  We’re really happy to hear that Linda is still going to be a Code Club volunteer and continue to run her club in Leeds.

We’re delighted that another Code Club volunteer, Charlotte Rainey, is going step up and carry on the good work in the region. Charlotte will be our new Interim Regional Coordinator for Yorkshire, Humber and the North East and is bringing an abundance of skills to the role, as well as her passion for helping children learn to code.

All our usual regional email and Twitter accounts will continue to be monitored so please do email or and keep in touch.