It’s National Coding Week!

Today is the start of National Coding Week 2015 – encouraging adults to learn more about digital industries, to get opportunities to try out coding, and to help raise awareness of the digital skills gap in the UK.


A recent survey conducted by National Coding Week revealed that 52% of adults in the UK said they would feel ‘extremely or very daunted’ at the prospect of learning to code, while 41.3% believed that the older they are, the harder it is to pick up a skill like coding.

Richard Rolfe, co-founder of National Coding Week, said: “The key aims of National Coding Week are to encourage adults of any age to learn an element of computer coding, to encourage digital experts to share their skills, and to collaborate, share, learn and have fun! If I can learn to code at age 51 then anyone can!”

We couldn’t agree more! And we’re really pleased that as a new school year begins, we’re seeing lots of new Code Clubs being set up, many by intrepid volunteers who wonderbotdon’t have existing coding or tech industry experience.

We believe that one of the best ways to learn is by developing and sharing your knowledge with others, so we really hope to see this trend growing. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a student, or someone who wants to learn new skills and gain new experiences – we’d love to see you register on our site and get stuck in starting up a Code Club near you.

We provide everything our volunteers need to get started – including resources to structure each Code Club session, an amazing community of existing volunteers to offer support, as well as Code Club’s own dedicated members of staff based around the country.

Find a National Coding Week event near you or check out some of the Code Club training and meetup events we have planned in the coming weeks.