Thank you Bytemark!

Code Club want to say a big thank you to the fine folks at Bytemark, a York-based hosting company who are generously providing a large portion of our server space requirements for free.

Code Club UK has, for some time, been hosting our websites with Bytemark. This is a service that they give us free of charge, and this is a big deal for us. Code Club is funded by donations such as this one, and without the generosity of companies like ByteMark we’d be unable to do what we do.

By allowing us to host our services for free, Bytemark effectively contributes around £3000 to £4000 a year in server and bandwidth costs!

In addition to their financial support, Bytemark’s tech support is equally fantastic, and we’re really happy to host our websites and services with them :D

Thank you, Bytemark! * hugs *

If you’d like to help contribute to Code Club’s goals, by donating money or in any other way, we’d love to hear from you. Visit for more details.