Volunteers Week: Celebrating Your Hard Work & Successes!

This week is Volunteers Week, and to celebrate, we want to highlight some of our amazing volunteers and recognise all the hard work they do as part of the Code Club community. Every day this week we’ll be profiling one of our volunteers, all of whom are involved in Code Club in different ways.

volunteers-week-web-logoWe’ve also got a whole array of meet-ups happening across the country, our chance to thank our volunteers in person, meet potential new recruits, and have a good catch up!

We always want to hear about our volunteers’ stories and celebrate your successes, so if you would like to be included in a future blog post, please do get in touch at support@codeclub.org.uk.

OSally Jordanur first fantastic Code Club volunteer we want to introduce is Sally Jordan, who is a teacher at Acacias Community Primary School in Manchester, where she runs her own club once a week.

What inspired you to volunteer for Code Club?

I got involved because I wanted to encourage children to become enthusiastic about computing in a really fun way.  I also wanted to develop my own knowledge, and it was a great opportunity to learn along with the children.

What has been your best ‘Code Club moment’?

There have been lots of great moments in which children have grown more confident in their own abilities – the thrill of completing a project is great!

What would you say are the benefits of volunteering for Code Club/ volunteering in general?

Volunteering provides a great opportunity to work with children and see how they quickly develop skills.  Additionally, you also get to meet other volunteers and learn from their experiences.

Why is Code Club important to you?

Code Club has become part of what I do and I feel it is a really valuable asset in our school.

How does volunteering fit into your schedule/daily life?

I run a Code Club after school at my school so that works well. Also, I recently volunteered at a Code Club event for World Scratch Day, on May 9th at the National Football Museum, which was great fun!  It is important that you have an understanding family who support you in volunteering.