Code Club #ScratchDay activities

This Saturday is Scratch Day, when people all around the world come together to celebrate Scratch and the people who use Scratch.

As you probably know, here at Code Club we love Scratch – it’s the first tool we use in our projects, and most of our volunteers, Code Clubbers and parents are well aware of how awesome it is for making animations, games and all kind of creative projects.

We’re keen to join the Scratch Day party, and have created a brand new project – (starring Scratch the cat and some evil space junk!) which can be used in the classroom, Code Club or at home. Click here to check out the project.Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.05.04 In Manchester, we’re also taking part in some Scratch Day activities, as local Code Clubs will be heading to the National Football Museum to take part in some awesome football-themed coding workshops. T

here’s also a chance to have your Scratch games displayed at the museum – it just has to be footy themed and uploaded to – and if you made it in a Code Club, then be sure to note that down!

Scratch Day is all about sharing our enthusiasm and passion for Scratch, so be sure to tag us @CodeClub on Twitter & Facebook with any updates on your activities! You can also use #ScratchDay to join the conversation worldwide! For further information about Scratch Day, visit