Fitting Code Club into your working life

Hey Code Club”, we hear you say, “I need some advice. I really want to volunteer, there’s a great school close by, I just need to convince my boss.” Don’t worry, Future Volunteer — pull up a chair! We know it can be tricky working out the best way to find the flexibility to volunteer during the working day. We’ve got a few ideas that might help:

Buddy up
Some volunteers go solo, but others work in small groups. This can either be by alternating weeks, or sharing a club together so that there’s always ‘volunteer cover’ if one person is unavailable.

Beat the clock
We know that the end of the school day doesn’t work for everyone. Lots of schools run breakfast and lunchtime clubs; they may well be able to be more flexible than you think!

Go alternative
Code Clubs don’t always take place in a school – the universe of Code Clubs is wide and varied! If a weekday doesn’t work for you, there are libraries and community centres out there who would love to have your time on a Saturday morning. volunteerquotes Code Club is about giving children the opportunity to learn to program in a fun environment with new role models to help them. It’s about wide grins, whirrs and beeps and wonderment, so ask your boss and who knows, you could start a volunteer revolution in your workplace!