Code, Create and Animate!

Code Club and Into Film have teamed up to create a fantastic new coding resource, Code, Create and Animate. Designed to help you make use of the language of film, this new resource, packed full of fun and engaging activities, will help young coders create an exciting, filmic scratch animation.

The partnership will provide opportunities for children across the UK to build upon skills currently taught in Computing lessons. By combining the mediums of filmmaking and coding, young people will improve their knowledge and develop skills of description, deduction and inference, whilst fixing bugs and solving problems, extending their programming knowledge.

Once registered, you will be able to access this exciting resource, which includes lesson plans, activities and PowerPoint presentations, and clubs will also be provided with a diverse selection of animated films on DVD to accompany these sessions. This selection of films has been specially chosen, and each are perfectly suited to teaching children about different facets of film, as well as being entertaining in their own right.

Virgin Media Shorts People’s Choice Winner ‘inaniMATE’ will teach an understanding of the creation of narrative; Brazilian short ‘Ernesto’ will help children appreciate how sound affects a story, in particular the use of Foley sound; and ‘The Storyteller’, based on an Indian myth, will focus on the use of colour and setting within animation. There is also a session looking at video-games and movies, using film club favourite Wreck-It Ralph.

Coders and young people will take the lessons learnt from viewing these diverse animations and be able to apply them to their own scratch animations or filmmaking projects.

You can gain access to this resource and the DVD that accompanies it by registering here!