Code Club and the New Computing Curriculum


Running a Code Club is an excellent way to compliment the introduction of the new Computing curriculum, as it offers children lots of opportunities to learn and build upon skills taught in Computing lessons.

Computational thinking is a skill that takes time and practice to hone. Code Club provides an ideal space for children to apply their Computing knowledge, and improve their confidence as they undertake a range of novel projects.

Although we offer a suggested route through our curriculum, children have a huge amount of flexibility in deciding which projects to undertake, and in which direction to take them. Children have the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time on a project, in a supportive environment.

Working on an extended project also gives children the time to fully test their project, fix bugs and solve problems, elicit feedback from others and use this feedback to improve their creations. These are important parts of a project that can sometimes be cut short in a 1-hour Computing lesson.

As the new Computing curriculum equips children with computational thinking skills, Code Club provides a place for children with an interest in programming to share ideas and collaborate with likeminded people, and to broaden and extend their programming knowledge.