Code Club and Google go on the road!


This week we packed our bags and headed up to Scotland for the first of a series of workshops in schools that we are doing with our pals at Google.

AuchinairnOver the next few months we’ll be travelling all over the UK to different primary schools and showing a group of 9-11 year olds how to make a fun game using Scratch. As if this wasn’t cool enough, we are also going to be hosting a local MP at each workshop too! We’re hoping that they’ll be impressed when they see a Code Club in action and will help us with our mission to find more volunteers to run Code Clubs.

The first workshop was today at Auchinairn Primary in East Dunbartonshire. The students loved making our game Whack A Witch and impressed us all with their quick pace of learning and positive attitudes. Jo Swinson MP popped in to say hello as well; we think she was impressed as we saw her tweet this later on:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 14.42.52Whilst we’re heading to all these schools we’re taking the opportunity to hold a meet-up for current/potential volunteers and teachers the evening before. Check out our events list for more information about these. Let the roadshow commence!