An ARM and a leg

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to run Code Club, in fact we pride ourselves on being very lean. But there are costs and we do need financial support. So imagine how pleased we were to hear from ARM. If you don’t know who ARM are then it’s easiest if I explain that if you’re reading this on a laptop or smartphone there is a 90% that there is an ARM chip inside it. Even the Raspberry Pi computer is powered by ARM technology.

ARM are now our first corporate partner and will be financially supporting Code Club throughout this year. They developers have started 12 clubs around their HQ in Cambridge and will be helping us with future terms of projects that we’re planning.

“The UK is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, creating technology that lies at the heart of familiar and iconic digital products. For the UK to continue to be a world leader in this area, we must inspire and educate the next generation, not only about the use of technology but also about how technology actually works,” said Stephen Pattison, vice president, Public Affairs, ARM.

We’re really pleased to have ARM’s support as it means we can grow Code Club rapidly. Now that we’ve reached a milestone of 500 clubs our next target is 1000. Onwards an upwards!



Introducing our Royal patron

We’re really pleased to announce our new patron His Royal Highness The Duke of York.

We first met the Duke back in June 2012 when he was kind enough to be part of a video we made whilst we were there. Hopefully you’ve seen it but just incase you haven’t here it is again.

The Duke has a very keen interest in technology and education and is patron of other organisations that strive to inspire children with technology. He is the patron of Teen Tech and fantastic organisation run by Maggie Philbin that organises technology focused events for the teen age group, Young Engineers who do great work inspiring children into engineering and of Harwell Oxford which is a leading centre for technology and innovation.

We held a special assembly this morning at the Soho Parish School where the Duke announce how pleased he was to be able to support Code Club and help us grow. We’re looking forward to working with him in the future to spread the word of Code Club far and wide!