Steering a new generation

codeclub-steerSteer is a new London-based education initiative, teaching fantastic web development and design courses – to adults! They’ve just launched with a great range of lessons, from designing and creating a site in HTML and CSS to teaching how to build and maintain the back-end of your site with Ruby on Rails.

The team at Steer have long been supporters of Code Club, helping us out with everything from our very own website to giving our teachers introductory lessons on how to use Scratch.

Because of this, we’re very pleased to announce Steer’s partnership with Code Club! They have pledged to donate part of their courses entry fee to further bolster the rapid growth of Code Clubs all over the UK. Steer will fund a child in Code Club for a year for every day a person is on a Steer course. So if you’re on a Steer course for 3 days then you’ve funded 3 Code Club children for a year!

“What Code Club has achieved so far has been monumental,” said Rik Lomas, co-founder of Steer. “I feel we have a common goal to get more people, of all ages, learning to code. We’re delighted to lend our support and help turn more of the nation’s kids into expert programmers.”

Thanks Steer!