Merry Christmas from Code Club

Merry Christmas Code Clubbers! We have a new project for you to finish the term with. It’s a Christmas project to get your Code Club in the festive spirit. It’s been written by the lovely Paul Finn and involves pressies, Santa Claus, reindeers and most importantly it needs coding by your kids!

Download the Christmas Capers project here and have a go!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Code Club

  1. Paul Finn says:

    Some tips based on me testing this with 2 classes yesterday:
    * On the challenges you can use Pick Random -5 to 5 on the X coordinate to produce the ‘wobble’.
    * Change the ‘X pos of Present’ to ‘X Position’ to make duplicating presents easier (er,this was of course deliberate :-)
    * If presents fall behind the scenery just move the present around on the design screen (or use an additional ‘move to front’),
    * The background should scroll continuously, if it doesn’t then check you’ve followed the instructions to add the 2nd SnowHills sprite


  2. I wonder if there’s a way to simplify this into a Level 1 project, for those who are still at that stage, or whether to create a new simple Level 1 Christmas project.

    Also, what was meant by the previous comment: “* Change the ‘X pos of Present’ to ‘X Position’ to make duplicating presents easier (er,this was of course deliberate ” as I didn’t see where this was referring to…I added another present by just duplicating the original sprite, and it seemed okay, so perhaps I misunderstood.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Unfortunately I made duplicating presents difficult by using ‘Y Position Of Present’ rather than just ‘Y Position’ (sorry I said X in above post).

      To get it to work properly you will need to edit the script on each duplicated present and change the drop down to the current sprite (eg ‘Y Position of Present2’ etc). Otherwise they will all be trying to check the Y position of the first sprite. Changing to just ‘Y Position’ means you won’t have to make any changes after duplicating.

  3. Ah I see what you mean now – the check to see if the present has hit the ground. When I duplicated the present I didn’t let it hit the ground so that explains why it seemed fine!

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