Our five month birthday

Five months ago on the 16th of April we launched Code Club with a single tweet. We thought we’d start small and have about 20 schools by the end of the year but the response we had to that tweet has been amazing. We had so many schools signing up to take part in our pilot scheme that it was difficult to choose just 20 to participate. In the end we tested our projects with 22 schools and received weekly feedback from them on both the projects and the model itself.

We spent the school holidays designing the projects and producing a comprehensive support pack for our volunteers. We also launched a new website full of helpful content for people who are interested in starting a Code Cub at their school which you can check out here www.codeclub.org.uk

So we are delighted that at the beginning of this new school year over 200 volunteers started a Code Club at their local primary school. We know the average number of children at a Code Club is 15 which means approximately 3000 kids now belong to a Code Club and are learning to code. #AIRPUNCH

But don’t worry, we won’t stop now! The second term of projects is being written as I type and plans for the third term are underway too. We are hoping to grow the number of Code Clubs at a steady pace and continue to provide support for all our wonderful volunteers who so generously give up their time to teach the next generation how to code. *beams*

One thought on “Our five month birthday

  1. Kieran says:

    Hi Clare,

    I’ve recently signed up to STEM and got my eCRB all sorted.

    I’m a little unsure about taking the next step as some of the information on your website is a bit unclear. There is still talk of being sent an information pack by September and talk of term 1 being Scratch. This hints at me that term 2 might not be Scratch so it’s not worth me looking into that yet.

    It also doesn’t give me any information about if I should be trying to start a club for the new term in January or should I just got for it now. A bit more information on the starter pack would be useful as I have no idea how much commitment I’ll need to put in to the club in terms of hours a week or for how many weeks it’ll go on for.

    I think getting this kind of information on the volunteers page would greatly help volunteers caught in indecisiveness like me :)


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