A slight change of plan

When we first started Code Club, though we had a strong sense of what we needed to achieve and how important it is to get kids into coding, we didn’t know the best way to set up an organistion to do it. We did what we thought was best and tried to register as a charity. Since HMRC demands you have £5000 in the bank before you can register, we set about raising that money and it was generously donated to us by you – people who care about coding. As we consulted with various financial types it became clear to us that being a charity was going to cause us significant problems in the future. Rather than become a charity, we were advised to register as a company limited by guarantee, as this would allow us to go ahead with our plans for fundraising and become a self sustaining social enterprise, rather than relying entirely on sponsorship and donations.

As a result, instead of becoming a charity, Code Club is now a social enterprise. Our objectives are exactly the same, and any money made will go back into expanding and scaling the capabilities of the programme which includes making more modules and engaging more volunteers to teach our projects to young coders

When we were raising the £5000 we intended for the money to be spent on the production of our projects, and that is exactly what’s happening.

If you ask us, we will return your money to you. But if, like us, you believe in the vital importance of teaching coding to young people, we ask that you join our movement, and follow our progress on the site, where you can also sign up to teach or become a regular donor.

We’re so excited about September and can’t wait to see what you think of our work. Thank you all again for all your support. It means the world to us, and most importantly, it will help get kids coding.